Submitting Tickets

Where can I submit a ticket?

  • You can submit a ticket through:

    • The Customer Support Portal homepage

      • Or at the top of the FreshDesk website at all times

    • BallotReady’s Contact Us page

    • Additionally:

      • Emails you send to BallotReady team members will be added to Freshdesk. 

      • CivicEngine will automatically create tickets when you flag errors.

How do I submit a ticket?

  • Click on the Submit a Ticket button, or you can follow any other path described above.

  • Select the appropriate customer type in the form and follow the prompts from there.

    • You can upload images and attach files with your ticket.

    Follow the screen recording to see an example of submitting a ticket.

How will I know when action is taken on my ticket? 

  • You’ll receive an email notification whenever the BallotReady team takes action on your ticket.

    • The entire text of our update will be included in the email. The email will include a link to view the ticket in the client portal as well. 

  • You can access all of your tickets through the Support Portal.

    • Guides for accessing and using tickets in the portal can be found in other articles

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