Viewing and Working with Tickets

How can I view my existing tickets?

  • Log in to the support portal and select My Tickets.

  • You can filter or sort your tickets to see, open or pending, closed or resolved, or all tickets, sorted in ascending or descending order by date created, last modified, or status.

Note: We enable organization members to view all tickets on a case-by-case basis. We are able to automatically allow all users from your domain to see tickets for your company - just let us know.

    Follow the screen recording for an example of viewing, filtering, and sorting tickets

What can I do with my tickets?

  • You can click on an individual ticket to view more details. 

    Follow the screen recording to see an example of viewing and editing details on tickets.

  • You can also export tickets from the My Tickets page as a csv or an excel sheet and select which attributes to include in your file. 

    To see how to export tickets in detail, follow the screen recording.

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