What information can I review, and how will this help me?

What can I review?


You can see all of the information as it appears on the site. 

  • You can click on candidate social media and website links to review them. 
  • Information sourced by our data team is available for review and can be flagged if you notice a potential error.
  • You can use the search tool to find candidates, positions, or measures up for election and filter by state.
    • As of now only 2019 candidates are available through the search function
  • You can use the tabs at the top of the page to browse more specific sets of data.
    • The Elections tab takes you to a list of elections you can use to see positions and measures to be decided in specific elections.
    • The Endorsers tab shows you a list of all organizations that can endorse candidates for your website.

What can I do with all of this?

You can add any and all information for the following categories:

  • Biographies

  • Endorsements

  • Issue stances

  • Survey responses

Tutorials on how to add this information are available in the Adding Candidate Information folder in the Getting Started in CivicEngine folder on Freshdesk.

Any information you add will immediately appear on your site

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