Searching for candidates and positions

What can the search tool do?

  • In CivicEngine, you can find candidates and positions using the search tool. If you type in the candidate’s name or the name of the position, it will appear in the results. 
    • You can use search or the Elections tab to find positions, but measures are only viewable in the Elections tab.
  • The search function...
    • Will return candidates who match on first and/or last names
    • Will return positions that match any of the individual search terms 
      • E.g. results for a search for Mississippi Representative will include all positions labeled Representative and all positions labeled Mississippi.

How do I search?

  • You’ll see the search bar on the homepage when you log in to CivicEngine. Simply type in the candidate or position name and click Search

  • You’ll see an array of results. Select the candidate that you’re looking for.
    • Note: You can use the dropdown menu on the left to filter by state to narrow your search.

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