Adding Media to a Candidate's Profile

How do I add photos to candidate profiles?

You are able to add an image anywhere that you see an Add Free-form Content box on CivicEngine.

  • Find the photo you'd like to add and copy the image address.
    • If your image is a file on your computer, you have to upload it to Google Photos, Imgur, or another image-hosting website to copy the address.
  • Note: images will look the best on a candidates profile if they are 640 px wide. Uploading an image at allows you to resize and get a new url all in one place.
  • After obtaining your image url, click on the icon that looks like a picture in the Free-Form Content tool bar. Then highlight the https:// that just appeared and paste in your image url.
  • Now just hit save and your photo will appear on your candidate's page!

How do I add video to candidate profiles?

You can add one video to a candidate's profile. The video will appear at the top of their page, the first thing voters will see under the candidate's name. 

  • To add a video, you'll just need a link to the video on most major video-hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook (Voters could even watch a Facebook live stream in real time on a BallotReady site!). 
  • Add this link in the Add audio/video section on CivicEngine, click save, and the video will automatically be uploaded onto your engine.

Watch this GIF for an example

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