CivicEngine at a Glance

The CivicEngine Platform

CivicEngine is BallotReady’s back-end platform that lets customers view all of the information on their website without needing to enter an address. We created CivicEngine to help customers review, edit, and add information on their websites more easily. 

CivicEngine helps you QA the data on your site, add information to candidate’s profiles, and learn more about your visitors. 

What can you do with CivicEngine? 

  • QA your site and send flags to BallotReady: Review all of the information displayed on your site, including individual candidate’s biographies, issue stances, and endorsements. Anything you flag in CivicEngine will immediately appear in your support portal. 
  • Add information and watch it appear immediately on your site: Customize the data on your site by adding: 
    • photos, videos, or additional copy to a candidate’s page
    • custom analysis of ballot measures
    • custom titles and descriptions of elected positions  
  • Access your site data: You can view your data studio in the Analytics tab and display information over a range of dates.

For more information on the CivicEngine platform, check out our CivicEngine folders, available to BallotReady customers who have completed onboarding.

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