How can BallotReady customers use the support portal?

What's the support portal?

The support portal is your place to track all of your requests - whether they've been submitted via our support form, email, or CivicEngine - and find helpful resources in our Solutions center. 

Why should I use the support portal? 

Great question! The support portal has a few features that make it easier for you to track updates to your site and keep everyone on your team updated.

  • You can view every ticket submitted by your organization - whether you submitted a ticket or another member of your team did - and see the status of each of your requests at a glance.
  • Any time you flag something in CivicEngineour back-end platform, a ticket will automatically be created in your support portal.

How do I get set up? 

  • You'll receive an activation email from Freshdesk to set up your account. Just open the email, reset your password, and you'll be all set! Just go to the support portal and click log in on the top right. 

Can I still use email?

  • Yes! If you email the BallotReady team, we'll simply add your note to our support portal. By adding your request to a queue rather than letting it sit in email, we're able to address your requests more quickly. 
  • You’ll receive an email notification whenever the BallotReady team takes action on your ticket. The entire text of our update will be included in the email.

You can learn more about submitting tickets, viewing and sorting tickets, and logging in to your account in our Solutions center.

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