Testing Your Site

 I've gotten my site. What next?

We recommend you use the address provided as a sample address. This is the greyed out address shown in your widget before you type anything. If you need help entering the address, check out this article.

We source these addresses to be in locations where your voters might be concentrated or where there are lots of positions and candidates researched, but we can also provide you with more addresses if needed. Just submit a ticket through freshdesk, our support page, or send us an email.

After filling out your address, make sure you complete the widget in its entirety. For some sites, the address is the only entry field, but for others, there are 

Then you can go through the site, seeing exactly what voters would see. We advise you to move through the entire process, create a ballot, and make a plan to vote. 

Why Can't I See Certain Candidate Information?

If you're viewing a test site, we may still be updating research on a rolling basis. We'll outline which candidates are complete and when we expect to be done with research in our email linking to your draft site. If the candidate or candidate information that is missing is supposed to be there according to your contract and said email, contact us as quickly as possible, and we will resolve your issue. 

Anytime you run into a problem, let us know! It's helpful to us to get this information since a voter would likely find themselves in the same predicament. To resolve any problems, you can flag the specific candidate on CivicEngine, submit a ticket through freshdesk, our support page, or send us an email.

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