Signing up, Signing in, and Saving Your Ballot

How do I sign up for a BallotReady account?
  • Signing up is easy, and often, we'll do the heavy lifting for you. There are two main ways to sign up:
    • You might get prompted to sign in or sign up when you add a candidate to your ballot. If you want to sign up, just click the button.
    • or you can click the Sign In button in the upper right corner and then indicate that you'd like to create an account.
How do I sign in to my BallotReady account?
  • Signing in lets you see choices you've saved to a ballot previously. This means you could fill out a ballot a couple weeks before election day and sign back in on your way to the polling place to remember
  • All you have to do is click the sign in button in the upper right corner and enter your email and password that you used to sign up.
    • If you can't remember your password, click forgot password and follow the directions from there. Read this article if you need more help.

  • Any changes you make to your ballot will be saved to your account
How do I save my ballot?
  • Your ballot will be automatically saved to your account, so you can sign in from any device and see your choices. To learn about more things you can do with your ballot check out these articles on printing or sharing your ballot.

Follow the screen recording to see an example of signing up and signing in to see saved choices.

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