Filling Out A Ballot

How do I use the BallotReady Voter Guide?

On the homepage of enter your home address into the search bar and click on the “Get Started” button.

Once you're in the voter guide, on the left hand side, you can now choose your candidates for federal, state, local, and judicial positions.

Click the down arrow to expand each section and view all candidates at each level.

When you select a position on the left side menu (for example, President of the United States), a list of candidates will appear at the top of the right hand side of the voter guide. You can click on each candidate to view their profile. 

On the candidate's profile, select the button “Add to my Ballot” to build your ballot. 


You will know that you have made a selection when it says “1 of 1 candidate selected” at the top of the screen and the button should now say “Added to my Ballot”

Note: Before adding candidates to your ballot, a message box may pop up asking you to sign up/sign in. You do not have to sign up/sign in if you just want to create and print or email your ballot. However, you can create an account if you would like to return later to view your selections. 

If you want to remove or unselect a candidate from your ballot, just click on the “Added to My Ballot” button again. That will remove the candidate. 

Under each of the candidate positions on the left-hand side, the name and photo of the candidate that you select will appear under that position.

As you make selections, you will notice the progress bar at the top left hand of the screen will update with the total number of selections you’ve made so far. 

Once you have made all of your ballot selections, select either Print or Email ballot to view your choices.

This will show you a simplified list of your selections which you can use to help you complete your official ballot.

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