Site Translation

How do we translate and what languages are available? 

We use machine translation (Google Translate). Some of the languages we’ve supported on our sites include: 

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

  • Chinese

  • Vietnamese

  • Korean

  • Hindi

  • Russian

  • Hmong

What can be translated?

Text on your site: Any information not tied to candidate data can be machine translated. This includes the welcome graphic, the tool instructions, headers & footers, social sharing, the steps in the Make a Plan to Vote flow and more. Currently, additional disclaimers and custom buttons are not translatable. 

Some candidate data: The majority of the raw data on your digital tool can be translated through our CivicEngine platform.  platform. This includes candidate issue stances, questionnaire responses, positions names & descriptions, and any additional markdown text added. Bios (education and experience fields) and endorsements are not translatable; we’ve found that words and phrases in biographies + endorsement sections do not translate well.

Other Translation Features:

Widget: Our new widgets permit users to select their language of preference in a dropdown before entering their address. Depending on the language selected, the tool will automatically default to this language when an address is entered into the widget. The widget can also be configured to default to a desired translation. 

Voting reminders: When voters sign up for optional SMS reminders with their plan to vote, voters will receive these texts in their selected language.

Contact our Customer Success team if you have any questions or would like to know more about our product roadmap for site translation!

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