Choosing Ballot Engines: voter guide vs. slate card

What is Ballot Engine?

Our Ballot Engines help voters find the information they need to vote all the way down their exact ballot. They are powered by GIS mapping, positions data and candidate research.

  • Address-generated: each voter sees the candidates that will appear on their specific ballot
  • Mobile-first: voters can share or save their choices on the go or bring them to the voting booth
  • Endorsement-friendly: choose a slate card to feature only your endorsed candidates in comparison to the rest of the field with a voter guide

What is BallotReady’s Slate Card?

BallotReady’s Slate Card shows voters a streamlined list of only the candidates and ballot measures you have endorsed that will appear on their exact ballot, along with key data (candidate name, candidate biography and position name)

The Slate Card exclusively returns positions and ballot measures for which your organization has made an endorsement - and will omit those without endorsements. For some addresses, it is possible there are no endorsed candidates to display.

What is BallotReady’s Voter Guide?

BallotReady’s Voter Guide shows voters all candidates and ballot measures that will appear on their exact ballot, along with biographies, issue stances, endorsements and questionnaires. They can easily compare candidates and choose their favorites. 

The Voter Guide is nonpartisan, so opponents with more public information may have fuller profiles than endorsed candidates. We can use custom banners to call extra attention to endorsed candidates. 

Choosing between Slate Card and Voter Guide

The Voter Guide and Slate Card have unique strengths. The Voter Guide empowers all voters to make their own choices all the way down-ballot guided by comprehensive research and optional endorsement banners. The Slate Card empowers your supporters to take action at the polls by exclusively spotlighting candidates they can vote for that share their values.  


Custom Voter Guide

Custom Slate Card

First users enter their address, then...

Users see all candidates, for all races on their exact ballot

Users see only endorsed candidates on their exact ballot

Bios, issues stances and endorsements for all candidates

Custom banners to spotlight your endorsements

Obvious comparison to help users choose candidates 

Exclusively spotlights your candidates and their bios

Omits any races for which there are no endorsed candidates

Simplifies voting process by pre-selecting candidates  

Voters can save their choices to a custom ballot to download or print and bring to the booth 

Voters can download or print their address-generated slate card to bring to the booth


Empowering informed decisions all the way down the ballot

Appealing to voters indiscriminate of ideology 

Converting a large supporter base to confident voters 

Generating enthusiasm and trust for your candidates

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