Setting Up Salesforce With BallotReady


In order to set up your BallotReady / Salesforce integration, you will need to provide a username, password, and security token to BallotReady. If possible, create a dedicated Salesforce login for this integration specifically. 

Create a user in Salesforce with a login name and password.

Confirm the user has permission to read, create and modify Contacts, Topics and TopicAssignments.

To grant BallotReady permission to make updates in Salesforce, you will need to follow these steps to reset your security token.

If you want the utm_campaign code added to your contact, create a custom text field on the contacts object (how) and record the field name.

Use a onetimesecret to securely share the username, password, security token, and custom field name (if you created a custom field to collect utm-campaign code) with BallotReady.

If this account is used by a real user, please be sure to inform BallotReady if the password is ever changed. A password change will also update the security token, which you will need to re-share with BallotReady, as well. 


The first time BallotReady connects to your Salesforce instance it will create the following Topics. These Topics will be used to tag your contacts to indicate BallotReady Status.



BR:Registration Complete

User was successfully redirected to register to vote

BR:VoteByMail - Portal

User was successfully directed to the state site to register to vote by mail

BR:VoteByMail - Download

User successfully downloaded a PDF to register to vote by mail

BR:VoteByMail - Email

User successfully sent their form via email to register to vote by mail

BR:VoteByMail - USPS

User successfully sent their form via physical mail to register to vote by mail

BR:VoteByMail - Signed

The form was digitally submitted with a signature to state

BR:VotingPlan - Created

User created a voting plan

*once this feature is enabled*

Every hour, BallotReady will create or update Contacts in bulk, based on the data gathered in BallotReady. Matching will be done on email address, which means a record won’t be inserted until the voter provides an email address in BallotReady.

If a utm_campaign value was passed to BallotReady, that value will be set in the custom field provided.

One or more Topics will be set for any Contact created by or updated by BallotReady. If the voter completes additional steps in BallotReady at a later time, additional Topics will be set.

If you want to be able to directly see topics set on a Contact, follow these steps.

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