Setting Up PDI With BallotReady


If you would like to sync BallotReady data to multiple PDI accounts, you will need to request a key for each PDI account.

  1. Request your API key from PDI by emailing 
    1. You will receive a username, password and API key for your API connection.
  2. Use a One-time Secret to share the PDI API key, username, and password with your BallotReady customer success representative.

How often will the data sync?

The sync should run hourly. 

What should I expect to see in PDI?

We will create a question for each of these flags. We will then mark the Flag ID in PDI to indicate the actions a user has completed:

Flag ID



User was successfully redirected to register to vote


User was successfully directed to the state site to register to vote by mail


User successfully downloaded a PDF to register to vote by mail


User successfully sent their form via email to register to vote by mail


The form was digitally submitted to the state with a signature


User successfully sent their form via physical mail to register to vote by mail


User created a voting plan (only relevant once this feature is enabled)

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