Setting Up Phone2Action With BallotReady


Email your Phone2Action account representative and ask them to request operations add you to the incoming SFTP folder for BallotReady data.

If your account representative has questions, they can ask Russ Fagaly ( for help.

Once Phone2Action confirms the folder is ready, notify your Ballot Ready representative  so they can get the data pipeline turned on.

To make sure all data is captured in Phone2Action, let BallotReady know if you will want the pipeline turned on as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t spoken with Phone2Action yet, this will allow BallotReady to ensure the data is cached and can flow that data into Phone2Action once the integration is live.


BallotReady will send data to Phone2Action nightly. A record will only be sent once it has at least an email address or phone number associated with it.  In addition to information about the person, including name, address, email and phone number, if provided, we will also set the correct values to indicate that they have opted in for email and SMS outreach. P2A will attempt to match on email and phone number and update a record if it already exists.

We will pass the UTM_Campaign url parameter into the P2A Source field and set the following flags in Phone2Action to indicate that the user has completed the given actions. 



BR:Registration CompleteUser was successfully redirected to register to vote
BR:VoteByMail - PortalUser was successfully directed to the state site to register to vote by mail
BR:VoteByMail - DownloadUser successfully downloaded a PDF to register to vote by mail
BR:VoteByMail - EmailUser successfully sent their form via email to register to vote by mail
BR:VoteByMail - USPSUser successfully sent their form via physical mail to register to vote by mail
BR:VotingPlan - CreatedUser created a voting plan
*once this feature is enabled*

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