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Setting Up the BallotReady Election Center on Your Site

100% free, 100% nonpartisan, with optional Spanish translations

To add the widget/address form as seen on to your organization’s website, please follow these instructions. 

By typing their address into this all inclusive Election Center, voters can:

  1. Check their voter registration and pledge to vote in the upcoming election
  2. Make a plan to return their ballot or find their in person polling locations
  3. Read about every candidate and referendum on their unique ballot

Here is an example of what the embedded widget can look like on your site: 

If you are interested in purchasing a custom voter tool for your organization, please contact us at

BallotReady Widget FAQ's and Useful Links
Please read below to better understand how to best use our widget function.

How can I explain this widget to voters? 

Feel free to use the below example language on your landing page: 

Use this tool to…

  • Check your registration and pledge to vote: Get registered in your state and pledge to vote in your next upcoming election.

  • Explore your ballot: Dive into the background of every candidate and referendum on your personal ballot.

  • Make informed choices: Compare candidates based on their issue stances, biography, and endorsements and save your choices as you go. 

  • Find your polling place: Whether by mail or in person, walk through each step of the voting process in your state and make your plan to vote. 

  • Vote: With BallotReady’s help

How can I get support for setting up the widget? 

The partner widget typically takes 15-30 minutes to add to a site, and most of the folks who do this aren't developers. We try to make it as straightforward as possible with this documentation.
Unfortunately, Team BallotReady is not able to provide design or technical support for your unique

We encourage you to work with any technical folks on your team to implement this widget and utilize free resources for Squarespace, Wix, and more with a quick Google search.

If you notice an issue with the widget after using these resources, please submit a ticket to our Helpdesk - a member of our team will review your request within 48 hours. 

Useful BallotReady Links: 

If you are interested in purchasing a custom voter tool for your organization, please contact us at

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