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Partner Toolkit 2020

Welcome to the BallotReady Partner Toolkit. Together, let’s inspire and inform over 150 million voters by November 2020. 

About This Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to make it as easy as possible for you to spur civic engagement among your audiences: encouraging them to become informed, confident voters before casting their ballots this election season.

About BallotReady

BallotReady is bringing confidence back to American voters by empowering them with verified information about the candidates and measures on their ballots, ahead of election day. The BallotReady platform is a free, nonpartisan technology that allows voters to view the entire ballot they’ll see on voting day, whether they’re going to the voting booth in person or mailing their ballot in absentee. 

To facilitate this process, BallotReady gathers factual information about candidates, including endorsements and stances on issues, down to the local level.  Our free, nonpartisan voter guide is available at

Partner Guidelines

Goals for partner amplification includes: 

  • Prepare and empower voters with verified, fact-checked information.

  • Emphasize the importance of informed voting and voting down ballot, in your brand voice.

  • Increase awareness among your audience that @BallotReady is a trusted resource for voting day preparation.

Topline Messages to Voters

  • Everything on your ballot, in one place | From county commissioners to ballot measures to judges, BallotReady prepares you with information for everything you'll see on your ballot.

  • Vote with confidence | Make informed choices by comparing candidates based on their stances on issues, resumé, and endorsements.

  • Your vote matters for more than electing the President | State representatives, mayors and police commissioners shape the policies in your own community. 

  • 100% nonpartisan | Every piece of information is verified by researchers and linked back to its source.

  • This is not an official ballot and does not replace voting | This is a voting guide to help you vote informed. The online tool may vary slightly from the final ballot. Filling out your ballot through BallotReady does not cast your vote.

Social Media

We encourage you to promote your brand’s civic action by sharing your BallotReady partnership and the power of casting an informed vote. Sample copy is below; feel free to tweak so that it reflects your brand voice.

We have also provided some graphics for your use. You may add your logo/branding palette to these images, but please do not change the BallotReady logo in any way. [ADD HYPERLINK]


  • Tag BallotReady on all social channels (Get started by following @BallotReady with your social media accounts!) 

  • Use the #VoteInformed hashtag

  • Share a link to our interactive voter guide:

Sample Social Content: 

Sample Caption


A candidate being listed 1st on the ballot can sway outcome by 5%.

Don’t be swayed. Cast an informed vote.

Get nonpartisan, verified information on all the candidates and referendums that will show up on YOUR ballot at 


Did you know that, in some communities, trial court judge is an elected position? This year alone, there are over 2,400 seats for trial judges across the country.

These judges oversee both criminal and family courts, and have the power to make rulings and sentences that change people’s lives dramatically. Some candidates for judge may not even be qualified for the position or recognized by the Bar Association.

Check if you’ll be voting for a trial judge by looking up your ballot at #VoteInformed

Are you voting in your local election this year?

There’s more to voting than the presidential election. In 2020, in addition to the presidential election, there are over 95,000 positions on the ballot. 

Your vote matters. #VoteInformed

Current BallotReady Programs

SuperVoter - This tool encourages civic discussion by allowing people to fill out sample ballots and annotate with personalized notes that they can then share with family and friends as they discuss the upcoming election. Political discussion, rooted in facts.

BallotParties - A BallotParty brings guests together, in person or via Zoom, for a fun and engaging event to discuss ballot options so that everyone leaves informed and prepared to vote. Our resources are nonpartisan and inclusive, so anyone can host! 

BallotReady Curriculum - This curriculum about voting and elections is created by teachers for teachers, designed for students in grades 8-12.  The nonpartisan curriculum includes downloadable ready-to-use lesson plans including voting eligibility and requirements, the roles of state and local elected officials, and common issues that appear on ballots.

Relevant Links

Below are hyperlinks to all BallotReady official channels. When sharing, please link to our site, tag us on social platforms and/or follow our pages.

Press Resources

If you are writing a press release about your BallotReady partnership, below are a few tools that you can copy-and-paste in.

We are also happy to provide a quote from BallotReady’s CEO, Alex Niemczewski, about why your brand’s civic action is so beneficial this year. Please email to request. 

BallotReady One-liner (to include at the top of your press release, ie: BRAND NAME has partnered with BallotReady, which _____________): 

BRAND NAME has partnered with BallotReady, which provides free, nonpartisan voter resources including the ability to look up ballots and request mail-in ballots in advance.

BallotReady Boilerplate (to include at the end of your press release underneath your brand’s own boilerplate description): 

BallotReady is on a mission to create a more informed democracy by preparing voters across the U.S. with fact-checked, nonpartisan information on every race and measure that will appear on their ballots. BallotReady also provides other nonpartisan voter resources, like making plans to vote safely through early voting and vote-by-mail, based on the rules of each jurisdiction in all 50 states. BallotReady helps impassioned voters scale their impact and get out the vote with tools for SuperVoters and BallotParties. BallotReady tools have been used by brands like Snapchat and the Miami Heat, as well as public figures like Kerry Washington, Lizzo and the Jonas Brothers.

If you have additional questions regarding our Partnership opportunities, please email

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