Vote-by-Mail Dashboard

What does this dashboard do?

We use these dashboards to evaluate the performance of our BallotReady engines as well as the behaviors of voters that enter through the widget. Your data studio is designed as a companion to the individual user data that we can provide, meant to aggregate all those rows of data so you don't have to. This should serve as an easy-to-understand and easy-to-manipulate dashboard designed to provide quick yet important insights into your site's performance. These insights center around three categories:


The top-line scorecards serve as an overview of your site's performance. You'll be able to tell at a glance how many voters see your site, complete each version of your flow, and check on your printing budget. This row of scorecards combines with a set of filters on the top of your data studio to provide easily digestible yet powerful insights into the ways that users use your site.


We want to provide you with an accurate view of where your users come from whether that's digitally, as in UTM codes and device type, or geographically. Our charts allow you to break down the number of users that enter and finish your tool by all UTM parameters, referrer, device type, city, and state. Some of our partners have used these to track their best performing links, ad campaigns, or organizers to get the most possible out of their BallotReady site.


Once users enter their address into a BallotReady site, we want you to be able to track how they interact with the built-in flows. As our tech team has worked hard to build out clickstream tracking, we've continually improved our behavior-tracking metrics, introducing fields like completed_flow, which fires when a user finishes a plan to vote, drop-off stage, so you can see where voters fall off, as well as if your users are registered and whether or not they sign up for reminders.

For more information on how to use the dashboard, click here.

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