BallotReady's Commitment to Nonpartisanship

BallotReady aims to provide trusted, nonpartisan information on every race and referendum, nationwide. For that reason, BallotReady takes nonpartisanship very seriously. In in our research process, our site design, and in staff's personal behavior we endeavor to continue to deserve the confidence placed in us by our users.

Research Process

BallotReady is committed to providing comprehensive, nonpartisan information about every candidate on the ballot to help voters cast informed votes for every race and referendum. We have spent extensive time developing rules and procedures for how we collect information and what is and is not included in our voter guides, in order to ensure we apply uniform standards and processes to all candidates.

Our systems, like democracy, are imperfect - we’re continually reflecting on how we can ensure the information we provide is the most useful to voters and the most fair to candidates, and working to eliminate grey areas around what does and does not appear on our site. In order to create voter guides that voters and candidates trust, we’re also committed to transparency around our process and decisions. For more information on our process, check out our complete guide.

Site Design

We designed BallotReady's voter guide with multiple rounds of user testing and we continue to iterate based on feedback from voters. From our color scheme, to linking to sources, to rules around ordering of positions and candidates, we've aimed to create a voter guide free from bias.


BallotReady staff come from all different backgrounds, including campaigns and advocacy groups, but are drawn together by a shared commitment to nonpartisan information. As a team, we comport ourselves in ways that honor our professional mission, refraining from donating to political candidates and separating our personal beliefs and activism from our work as BallotReady employees dedicated to informing and turning out voters for every election.

We believe that democracy works best when voters can vote informed with full information on the entire ballot. If you have any feedback on our nonpartisanship policy, our voter guides, or other content, please reach out and let us know.

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