How-To-Guide for Turnout Engine

This article explains how to use BallotReady's Turnout Engine. 

  • After a voter inputs their address, the site will automatically take you to this page:

Using BallotReady's Turnout Engine

How are you going to vote?

  • There are options for voters to vote in person or to vote by mail. The voter can toggle between both options. In order to proceed, the voter needs to choose Vote In Person or Vote By Mail

Vote In Person

Step-by-step Guide for voting in person:

Step 1: Check Voter Registration

  • On the Vote In Person Screen, voters can check their voter registration by clicking on the link provided under the question “Who is eligible?”
    • This link will redirect the voter to the Secretary of State’s website (which varies by state) where the voters can check their voter registration through there

  • Once you are done checking registration, you can click on the "Make a Plan!" button

If you do not need to check your voter registration, you can proceed 
to the next step by clicking the "Make a Plan!" button.

Step 2: Selecting Voting Day

  • After clicking the “Make a Plan!” button, the voter will have the option of choosing the date of when they want to vote (which can be either early voting or on election day)
  • After selecting which day they want to vote, a message will appear at the bottom of the calendar, showing which day the voter chose to vote and the voter will then press “Next”

Step 3: Choosing Voting Location

  • After clicking Next, a map will appear with a few options of where the voter can vote, based off their addresses. The voter can select what location is best for them and then click "Next"

Step 4: Selecting Time to Go Vote

  • The next screen will ask the voter what time they would like to go vote. After selecting what time is best to go vote, click next

Step 5: Get Reminded

  • The next screen will ask the voter to provide their email address or their phone number so that they can be reminded the night before voting day of their plans.

Step 6: Plan Summary (Add to Calendar)

  • Once entering in their email and/or number and clicking Finish, there will be a plan summary shown at the end of the flow outlining all the details about the voter’s plan to vote. Voters have the option of adding their voting plan to their calendar

Step 7: Additional Info and Spread the Word

  • The voter can also click on the links provided to make sure that they are registered, that they bring the correct documents, and even get directions to their polling place.
  • Once the voter has completed the process for making a plan to vote, they can share that they’ve made a plan to vote on social media or through email to help spread the word to other voters.

Vote By Mail

Step-by-step Guide for voting by mail:

Step 1: Request or Return Your Ballot

  • On the Vote by Mail screen, the voter has the option to “Request Your Ballot” or “Return Your Ballot” if this option is toggled on. (if the option is not toggled on, “Return Your Ballot” will still show but when the “Return Your Ballot” button is clicked, nothing will happen)

Step 2: Requesting Your Ballot

  • For requesting your ballot, after clicking the "Request Your Ballot" button, the next screen that will appear will asked if the voter is registered at the address that they provided in the beginning:

Step 2a: Are you registered to vote at this address? No, help me register

  • If “No, help me register” is selected, it will tell you that “You must be a registered voter in order to vote in this election”
If you selected "No, help me register", stop here. Do not proceed 
to Step 3.

Step 2b: Are you registered to vote at this address? I'm not sure, let's verify

  • If “I’m not sure, let’s verify” is selected, a screen asking for the voter’s first name, last name, and date of birth will appear
  • After entering in your information and clicking verify, the next screen will display if a match was found for the address entered. If no match is found, the voter has the option to go to the Secretary of State's office to verify or the voter can just continue the Vote By Mail process
If you selected "Help me double check", you will be redirected to the
Secretary of State's office to verify that you are registered at the 
address provided

If you selected "I'm 100% certain I'm registered there", then continue 
to Step 3

Step 2c: Are you registered to vote at this address? Yes, I'm 100% certain

  • If “Yes, I’m 100% certain“ is selected, then the voter will be asked to input their email address and/or phone number will appear so that instructions and deadlines are sent to the voter on what to do with their requested ballot

If you selected "Yes, I'm 100% certain", proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Enter in Email Address and Phone Number

Step 4: Choosing How You Want to Request Your Ballot

  • After inputting their email address, the screen will say, “Thanks for checking your registration”. Click Next
  • After clicking “Next”, different options for how the voter can request a ballot will appear (the options for how a voter can request a ballot vary by state). Voters, depending on state, may have the option to request their ballot directly from the state, download a pdf of the application to request a ballot, or fill out a blank fillable form provided online. 
    • If the voter chooses to request directly from the state, the voter will be redirected to another website, most likely the secretary of state’s website. If the voter chooses for the information to be pre-filled, a fillable form will appear below). If voter chooses to download a pdf, the application file will download to the voter's computer
    • In this case, the voter only has the option to request directly from the state

Step 5: Next Steps/Further Instructions

  • Once selecting one of the options for requesting a ballot and pressing next, a screen will appear with information and the next steps that a voter needs to take. There is also a link to track your ballot.

Step 6: Spread the Word

  • Once the voter has completed the process for making a plan to vote, they can share that they’ve made a plan to vote on social media or through email to help spread the word to other voters.


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